Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wet Marks the Spot

Sometime last year I was contacted by Fort Troff to help them write for their new blog.  They wanted to start a type of "Fetish 101" series.  Well they paid me very well and I wrote them several essays and articles.  I'm not entirely sure what happened with the site; they never maintained it, leaving a lot of the work I wrote unread.  Well I feel that they should be read, maybe someone will get something out of it. The following piece "Wet Marks the Spot"  was brought to you by Fort Troff.  Check out their website and their products, you won't regret it.  Also I'm including a picture from my last photo shoot for Fort Troff that most people don't get to see.. We ll check out their web site and many more pictures that you won't find anywhere else but on Fottroff.com

"Wet Marks the Spot"

You never know what you are going to enjoy until you actually do it, in my case it was piss.  Piss play was not in the cards for me, it held no curiosity or desire to try it.  However I ended up dating a guy who is very much in to pissing on things much like the dog he believes himself to be, and he decided that he had to piss on me too.  The good boyfriend material that I am, (or at least try to be) I swallowed my pride, and after several weeks of talk I finally caved and said yes.   I got undressed trying to hide the facts that I was cringing inside and walked to the bathtub.  I found myself on all fours in the middle of that cold bathtub and looking up at him and he's beautiful large leg of a cock swinging over me like the guillotine.  Leaning back slightly he let out a loud groan of satisfaction.  The warm piss hit my ass with a lout splash and started to crawl between my cheeks, down my legs, up my back and slowly made it's way up to my neck.  Somewhere between what the hell is going on, and realizing that i was about to get sprayed in the face, my cock got hard!
The warmth of his piss felt good against my skin, it gave me chills, and as it made it's way to the top of my head and around my chin, I opened up my mouth and let it fill up.  I held it in and slowly let it drip out of my mouth.  It was salty and unlike anything I had tasted before in my life.  The second mouthful I got brave and swallowed it.  As it made it's way down my throat my cock stiffened harder and I let out a stream of its own.  I dropped my neck down and welcomed it in to my mouth; i drank it with greed and ecstasy.  I looked up at my man with a smile ear to ear letting him know a piss pig had just been born.  
Water sports, like most fetishes, does something different for everyone.  There is no protocol to pissing or getting pissed on you simply do it because you enjoy it.  In my case I've come to like piss as a top and a bottom.  As a top I like to be able to mark my territory.  When I find a guy who is a dynamo in bed, I feel completely compelled to claim him and mark him as my territory.  As soon as it's time to get off the bed and wash up, I follow him in and drop him to his knees making him swim in my piss.  I make sure it covers his ass, cock, and ultimately all over his face.  He's mine now, and that's how he knows it.  As an Alpha male I like knowing that whatever my piss touches becomes mine to have in what ever way i see fit, especially men.  To other's it's a way to humiliate the bottom and make them feel like they are less than human, a toilet.  I reserve that for the degradation dudes.  As a bottom, like in my story, I was happy as swine.  I was happy to be claimed and owned to be another man's bitch.  It was like running through the sprinklers as a kid, it made me happy.  For me getting pissed on is a form of affection.  While to other's it'd degrading, humiliating, and they love it all that much more because of it.  
Urine is generally safe to drink as it's made up of a bout 95% water and 5% dissolved salts; it also contains hormones, antibodies, and proteins.  That being said, piss can also contain drugs ,legal or otherwise, that the individual has ingested.  If the person is ill their piss may also be contaminated with the virus or bacteria.  Use your better judgment when dealing with piss, although it's sterile and harmless on it's own, it's still something that is coming from inside someone's body. 
The only sure thing about water sports is that it's all about dominance.  The top physically showing their dominance over the bottom, and the bottom being seduced by the action.  It feels good, and that's the only thing important about it. 
So I say, "let'er rip!!, piss freely and often. When you come across a guy sitting next to a urinal with a hungry look in his eye, don't be shy and don't waste it because he wants it bad!

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  1. Can we see other photos from this shoot or know the actors' names?