Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Atlanta July 2012

It's the middle of July and i find myself off in Atlanta, Georgia.

I made my way down here after having booked a few scenes with men.com I really like the crew of the Atlanta location, Tee Gates and Edward James; they are very layed back open and approachable, like being with friends back in High School when life wasn't about just being Gay.  I welcome that change in atmosphere.. I'm a mo, but i need a break from the gay world too.  Anyway this was the first time
I've stayed at the model house, which is basically a frat pad.  Most of the guys here are straight which makes for an interesting situation when they are your scene partners the next day and you are getting fucked by them.  I find myself with Sebastian Young, Blaze, Bryce Star, and Ryan Rockford.  Again it's like a frat pad, shit talking, arguing, drama, etc.. but it's fun, I'm genuinely enjoying myself amongst the guys.  In particular Bryce Star who had been a welcomed surprise to my trip here.

Speaking of welcomed surprises, by chance encounter and alignment of the planets The LOGP girls were here too: @sgfansean, @MamaTStar made our night.  If it were not for them Bryce and I would stuck in the model house all weekend long, being that it's in the middle nowhere and Atlanta is a very big city.
Bryan Cole a porn newcomer and all around super cool guy; we met in Chicago working for the Fort Troff booth together.  We put on a show for them that they are still gagging over.  He happened to be in town as well for a Fort Troff photo-shoot. -- Now I had been trying to book a gig for/with them while I was down here, but didn't hear back so assumed they were not interested.  Well after my scene with Ryan Rockford was finished (Plumber scene) I get a phone call from them saying, "The images we captured are not strong enough for what we want, would you be able to step in an work it out for us?"  :D You know I took it. :)-- Bryan was my partner for the shoot.  It went well, capturing tons of great pictures for wrestling gear by Cell Block 13.  "Leo is the type of guy who gets a perfect shot on the first try."  Yeah my head got swollen, but i'm ok with that. Modeling product and modeling sex are totally different animals.  I feel more comfortable modeling products, since it's what I always wanted to do-- aspirations of Top Model glory.

Including Dalton Tyler, we made our way out to Burkharts where we played about 5 rounds of pool before watching a few performers do they best that they could to make their coin.   Soon after we went off to the Atlanta Eagle, which although huge was like an oven.  Bryce and I had been complaining that we had not made out way to the gym so we started dancing our ass off.

I'm very happy to have had a good experience in ATL, normally it' every boring and work, no play.  Bryce was by far the highlight of my trip.  I've met many people but few who are so much like me.  We watched some old cartoons and some Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.. don't laugh you know you thought it was cool back in the day.
Wel he left a day before me, so I ended up missing his company more than I thought I would.  I did a second photo-shoot for Fort Troff with Sebastian Young, and let me tell you those pictures were PHENOMENAL!!!!!   I can't personally wait for them to be published by FT.
On that note, my second shoot this weekend for Men.com was with Sebastian.

The good part is that I had an over all good time in ATL this time around.. But guess what.. as I'm writing this 13,000 + feet in the air, I can't wait to get home!  I want to see my dog Harley.. who is like my best friend since we are always fighting each other like puppies.. and my main man .. oh yeah i'm seeing someone.. who most of you might know.  I don't talk about him since most people have two cents to the whole dollar.  Besides i'm not 2 cent cheap.. fuck a dime, i'm the fucking Benjamin ...

Dore Alley St. Fair, I'm working the Fort Troff booth
Seattle for another Fetish Force shoot
Lavender Lounge shoot.. SF local company who I like to shoot for once in a while.. it's always fun: I just did a shoot with Race Cooper for them.. be on the look out for that.
Kink.com boundGods.com shoot with Wilfred Knight
BoundinPublic.com with Brenn Wyson as my co-dom.. I'll let you know more as it develops..

Thanks for reading and following my journey.

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