Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wet Marks the Spot

Sometime last year I was contacted by Fort Troff to help them write for their new blog.  They wanted to start a type of "Fetish 101" series.  Well they paid me very well and I wrote them several essays and articles.  I'm not entirely sure what happened with the site; they never maintained it, leaving a lot of the work I wrote unread.  Well I feel that they should be read, maybe someone will get something out of it. The following piece "Wet Marks the Spot"  was brought to you by Fort Troff.  Check out their website and their products, you won't regret it.  Also I'm including a picture from my last photo shoot for Fort Troff that most people don't get to see.. We ll check out their web site and many more pictures that you won't find anywhere else but on Fottroff.com