Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Say AH!!!

The Following post has been brought to you by Fort Troff... distributers of some of the best toys money can buy... and then some.  So as I wrote not too long ago, F.T. had me write some essays out describing different Fetish 101 tutorials.  They were not released, but I still want people to read and maybe benefit from them.  I have already gotten mail in regards to the post, so I know someone is reading.  I present to you now "Say AH!" an essay for those out there who want more than they can take...

So you have decided to stretch out your hole-- well congratulations on wanting bigger things in your life, but like most things this required fineness… Although we gay men treat our hole like the happiest place on the planet, it's more delicate than we care to admit.  There are many reasons why someone would like to make their hole big enough to put a road cone in to it, i'm sure it's personal, but Rome was not built in a day; meaning your hole must be stretch-out  over time and with great care so as not to cause injury.

I have often found myself drooling over the extra long donkey dongs hanging between some of the legs in the steam room, I know I'm not alone.  They look so inviting and almost savory enough to get your hole puckering and self lubricating; it's exciting.  You think to yourself of how fan-fucking-tastic it would feel stretching out your hole and filling up your insatiable ass with every throbbing inch.  Your hips can't help but buck back and forth and even let out a heavy sigh of delight.  Maybe the big cock isn't your motivation, maybe it's the masculine hands with the thick forearms heavy with veins like ropes.  You can only imagine getting your hole owned by a stud's heavy hands filling you up beyond your imagined limitations and turn you in to a muppet.  I personally can't keep my hands out of a man's hole It's like crack to me, no pun intended. 

So how do you get from tight spring rose to the Lincoln tunnel?  Baby steps.  When investing this much time in to turning your hole in to the Cave of Wonders it's a good place to start by getting to know your self in depth.   One has to become aware of how to control the muscles that make up the anus.  You have to learn to relax them and allow them to stretch over time.  Masturbation is something we all enjoy, myself in particular, is going to be the best way to explore your inner sanctum.   It's also a good way to learn what your hole is capable of taking and how easily it may or may not open.  Start off with your fingers, or someone else's, to get your hole going.  Keep the thought in mind to learn to make the adjustments at will-- almost like an athlete training the muscles crucial for their sport.

Toys are a crucial part of expanding your limits, and they will be the greatest tool for renovation.  Try using small dildos in your hole steadily progressing to bigger ones as you become capable to do so.  As you play with yourself concentrate on being able to manipulate the muscles of your hole, learn to make them relax and be able to enjoy having something large fill you up.  If you feel so inclined to take it a step further, there is a variety of butt plugs you can use and even leave in through out the day.  What this does is get your body to adjust to the feeling of having something inside and it makes it easier to learn muscle control when you have something inside you most of the day; the fear of dropping it randomly in public is going to be good incentive to hold on to it and not commit social suicide, you have been warned attempt at your own risk!  I have attempted this several times and have mostly had bad experiences, mostly a series of unfortunate events involving drag queens and long distance walking; but it's still a very good viable option. :)

Something you are going to find out real quick is going to be the need for lubricant.  There are SO MANY out there, but we all have favorites and so many more we don't know about.  I am personally a fan of silicone lubricants, they make for easy insertion and long play, but they stain the sheets like no other!  Ordinary lubes, silicone or water base are good at the beginning, but if you are looking to make a great expansion you are going to need something that will give you more give.  My personal recommendation after taking my hands to many a manhole is to start off with a cream lubricant.  The cream allows the skin to soak it up and give it more elasticity, which is why oil based lubricants work well too; however oil based products eat away at condoms, just in case you didn't know.  There are a variety of cream and oil based lubricants that may be found at your local Fuck Store, even some with numbing agents.  Some products use Benzocaine in the mix which is a medical grade numbing agent that allows the muscles to relax more.  That being said -- although it makes the process easier, a numbing agent does not allow you to feel the full range of sensation, should something tear or some type of issue occurs you might now know about it until much later.  I recommend that you use a product with out it while in the beginning stages of your stretching; besides isn't the full range of sensation what you are looking for?  There is also J-Lube.  J-Lube is commonly found as a powder that you have to mix with water, all those hours jerking off should help you with the vigorous mixing it takes to make; and you thought your technique wouldn't come in handy.  There are lots of recipes for J-Lube mixtures out there, do some research and find some, or just ask the guy you are fisting how he makes his.  The recipe I have worked with is J-Lube, crisco, and a few drops of Clove Oil; the clove oil is a very mild desensitizer if you care to do things the organic way…

Now a warning; take it slow.  I know we are all about instant gratification, but this is not one of those things you want to do in a rush.  You could blow out your hole and it will be the ugliest thing to look at, unless you like things that look like vaginas.  There is also the possibility of tearing the anal lining and that could put you out of commission instantly!  Depending on the severity of the tear you can be out days, weeks, or require surgery to fix; do not be the butt of a bad joke.  Enjoy the time it takes to open up to new experiences, it's a journey that will be worth the wait, and it will reduce the damage to the anus.  It's not so much about how much you can take as to how much you can manage.  Also I strongly advise you use appropriate objects in your ass.  I know that so many inanimate, and some animate objects, look like they would be fun to stick up in your guts, but let me tell you that is a risk in itself; glass can shatter and small mammals need air to live-- just saying.  Let me be the first to congratulate you on your journey to becoming a circus tent, you lucky bastards! 

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  1. Good read! I wouldn't say that I am much into fetishes, more due to inexperience, but over the years there have been a few things that have just happened unexpectedly and having someone give me a "jazz hand" is one of them. Letting loose and allowing someone to get pleasure out of doing something they enjoy is a turn on for me so I went along with it and ended up enjoying it myself. I would never have thought to enjoy it as much as I did but to this day have never had anyone try it again. Every now and then when someone gets to a little finger/butt play I cant help but remember that experience and crave a little more that just a finger or two but I am still very hesitant. I like my hole the way it is and I too would consider it one of the happiest places on the planet so I wouldn't go as far as stretching due to the not so appealing mental pictures I somewhere down the line have had etched in my head just to get that "gifted" someone inside my "cave of wonders". I myself enjoy a challenge and I will instead act as though I have taken a few Lamaze classes. With a little patience, breathing, and lots of lubricant, I am sure many are not surprised with what one can accomplish! :)